Book By Brian D. Taylor

Music By Bill Francoeur

Lyrics by Scott DeTurk with additional Lyrics by Bill Francoeur

Directed by Heather Howell

Assistant Director – Anastacia Sullivan

Stage Manager – Castle Paige

Dance Director & Choreographer – Hannah Hoobyar

Musical Director – Kiba Walker

Make Up Artists – Emmy Pennington, Aiden Clymer, Veronica Purple, Rebekah Bogard, Gracie Squire

Set Construction – Ethan Pendragon, Scott Foremaster, Cheyenne Dowd

Set Manager – Jessica McCoy

Costume Designers – Cheyenne Dowd, Emmy Pennington

Lightning – Cargo, Justin Bell

Sound – Cargo, Michael Young

Music Mixing – Ross Anderson

Vocal Coaching – ThatOneStudio

Dancers – Paradise Dance Company

Aerials – Lindy Deller at Skydance Studio

Graphic Designers – Cameron Paris at Studio Firebolt and Todd Howell

Executive Producer – Heather Howell

Assistant Producers – Anastacia Sullivan, Susan Fairfield

Special Thank You to Miranda Fairfield, Amy Azucena, Zack Tolen, The Foremaster Family, Artful Gryphon, Damonte Ranch High School, The Sparks Library, The Reno Buddhist Center, Sierra School of Performing Arts, Sparks High School, Whitney Peak Hotel, The Nevada Arts Council, Reno News & Review, Mercury Momentum Board Members and Volunteers.